The Miracle Of The Bells
August 29, 2018 | Author: Mircea Popescu

A Conclave Of Terrible Hamsi (inexplicably released as "The Miracle Of The Bells" in some markets entirely foreign to taste, experience or any sort of sense) absolutely sets new USDA cinematic standards. You've not seen ham like the "press agent" talking to the "doctor" since the days of Turducken!

47 个增长策略,Netflix、Facebook、YouTube 都在用 | 爱范儿:2021-7-10 · Twitter 培养了这些有影响力的用户,并且维护其良好的声誉——在面对来自其他社交网络和消息服务日益激烈的竞争时,这些用户会主动维持与 Twitter ...

企业通信软件_为什么微信、Facebook都在做企业通信 ...-阿里云:2021-7-3 · 你有没有见过地铁里的广告:工作时用xx,总是被琐事八卦分神,所以你一直在加班…钉钉让工作回归工作,生活回归生活。当国内两大企业通讯软件“针锋相对”,在太平洋的另一端,Facebook似乎也看准了这个企业通讯工具苗头,在10月10日发布公告:Facebook企业通讯工具“Workplace”功能将于本 …

  1. 1948, by Hormel, with that terrible ham from Double Indemnity (the original, terrible version thereof). Plus a (slighty) singing' (and very very hammy) Sinatra. Plus some chick that utterly can't act (Baroness Altenburger von Mackenstein-Frauenberg, what can ya ask) trying to pretend she's an actress acting well the role of an actress acting well... The whole thing's a boat of failboats piling into each other.

    PS. Stupid bitch was terrible in Senso, too, though that steaming pile of pretentious shit would have been just as terrible with or without her. In fact, given the deep idiocy of everything about it, nude dancin' Rosalys'd not have likely fixed anything. [↩]

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